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Cybernetics and Systems Journals

Cybernetics and Systems Societies

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Systems Science

Cybernetics and Control

Other Systems Related Sites


Cybernetics and Systems Control

Cybernetics in the WWW Virtual Library

Department of Medical Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Vienna with a possibility for searching in a library database containing extensive literature on cybernetics and systems theory

The American Society for Cybernetics with information on history, cybernetic thinkers, journals, associations, etc., and its new home page

Cybernetics Research Consortium : consulting and research

Control System Group , developing W.T. Powers's Perceptual Control Theory of behavior; see also their newsgroup bit.sci.purposive-behavior , gopher server , and FTP archive

Department of Cybernetics at the University of Reading ( UK )

WWW Home page for Systems and Control Engineering

Russian Systems and Control Archive (RUSYCON) : systems, control and cybernetics related resources in Russia and worldwide

Systems and Control Archive

Kybernetiknet : quartely magazine in German, English or French about European cybernetic institutions and upcoming events

Association for Cybernetics Research / AI Lab at Oakland University

Self-Organization, Autopoiesis, and Enterprises : an excellent introduction to Maturana and Varela's theory of autopoiesis by Randall Whittaker

Autopoiesis and Enaction: The Observer Web , another excellent collection of material collected by R. Whittaker

Working Group on Sociocybernetics and Social Systems of the International Sociological Association

Bacterial Cybernetics Group , headed by Eshel Ben Jacob at the University of Tel-Aviv: self-organization and cooperation in bacterial colonies


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