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πολή ΧίοςGlobalization and the speed of technological changes constitute cardinal challenges for business of today. These challenges refer to the creation of value through highly distributed activities which cross organizational boundaries.

As a result, the network governance and the value chain generated, raise questions about the virtual organization, legal, social, economic and ethical issues.

The Conference's objective is to generate a fruitful exchange between academicians and practitioners on the field who analyze, develop, manage and use systemic approaches so as to deal with the network governance, leading thus to further research on the field. HSSS and the Department of Business Administration of the University of the Aegean aim to diffuse and engage the systemic approaches and establish the role of the Systemic Analyst in Academic and Business community.

The streams which follow do not exclude any papers which may not belong exactly to the area of systemic approaches. All papers will be reviewed by the Conference Scientific Committee.

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